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Sale End Date: Wednesday Dec-13-2017 14:18:28 PST

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector with Headphones

Sale End Date: Wednesday Dec-13-2017 14:25:56 PST

Minelab X Terra 70 Metal Detector W 3 extra Searchcoils and Accessories

Sale End Date: Wednesday Dec-13-2017 15:44:39 PST

MINELAB Explorer SE Professional Metal Detector w 11 DD FBS Coil

About Us

Our website was created for the hobbyist treasure hunter. We are often asked why our website is so simple. The answer is just, our customers realize what they are trying to find, a good metal detector at a great price. After all, a good metal detector does find great things. It's the person that finds the greater things. has the functionality to compare prices, see what other customers said and without the confusion like most websites. We don't shower you with "free" gifts that are not worth the inflated price that other sites say you're getting for "free". These freebie products will not get used or upgraded shortly after. The people that have been in the hobby long enough know what they want and our job here is to provide them with a quality product at a reasonable price.

Be forewarned, treasure hunting is really fun for both new and experienced - and the young and old alike but, it can also be very addictive. The very first time you discover an old coin or find a piece of lost civil war history in the palm of your hand, you will soon be hooked. You most likely will never get rich with the hobby. Nonetheless, if you think about hours of enjoyment, time you get to spend outdoors, good exercise and the small treasures you uncover as payment, you will be rewarded well for the time. Your new metal detector will probably pay for itself the first year you own it. So, how many other hobbies do that.

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