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Sale End Date: Tuesday Sep-26-2017 9:55:36 PDT

Garrett Gti 2500 Metal Detector

Sale End Date: Tuesday Sep-26-2017 11:35:25 PDT

Whites Spectrum XLT Metal Detector with headphones

Sale End Date: Tuesday Sep-26-2017 12:24:07 PDT

Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector + Extra Battery Pack + Koss Earphones


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Metal Detecting Clubs – Fun Sharing Ideas

You don't have to have a metal detector in order to join a Metal Detecting Club. At many of these clubs it's free to come and visit. See if it's the right thing for you, meet the people and learn about the many types of metal detectors and the area you will be metal detecting around. If you plan to keep going to the metal detector club, then join it, one or two nights a month will be well… Continue reading

Is it Best to Buy a New or Used Metal Detector

Metal DetectorGood thing for you buying a used metal detector is often cheaper than a new one! But then again, you may want to reconsider those options instead of purchasing one.  There are some great deals available on used metal detectors if you know where to look. It is simply wise, at this point, to choose the best metal detector for sale. A metal detector should not be bought solely on the suggestion of one person (no matter how… Continue reading