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Metal Detecting Clubs – Fun Sharing Ideas

You don't have to have a metal detector in order to join a Metal Detecting Club. At many of these clubs it's free to come and visit. See if it's the right thing for you, meet the people and learn about the many types of metal detectors and the area you will be metal detecting around. If you plan to keep going to the metal detector club, then join it, one or two nights a month will be well worth it.

Joining a metal detecting club will give you the chance to learn about the ethics of hunting as well as these other fun sharing ideas and facts.

metal detecting clubs club

If you looking for ideas on where to metal detect, clubs are excellent sources of ideas on where to start including military records, maps of sites, old photographs, newspaper archives and lost diaries. Start with places where people are likely to lose coins, like schools, churches, beaches and even car parks, the older the site, the better. Metal detecting clubs can help newcomers and established hobbyists discover a more rewarding side to their pastime. Clubs normally have a requirement of members to fill. Membership of the clubs are normally a small fee. One of the benefits of joining a metal detecting club is that they will organize special outings and organized hunts.
Within the clubs there are many occasions when members will exhibit share stories of their finds. Gold prospecting with a club would mean more resources and how they share experiences. Many have taken up metal detecting as a hobby.
It's often difficult to find news and information pertaining to this hobby, often these members will share what they have learned since the last meetings. Such as any laws governing treasure hunting and metal detecting and code of ethics.
Metal detecting can be a solitary pastime but can often be more rewarding when taking part as a group. It's fun to go out on your own and keep your best places to detect to yourself, but then again its fun to go out with others to gain experience and share the finds with someone. But that doesn't mean you have to take them to your secret places - wink.
The fact is that metal detecting, a form of "treasure hunting" in its own right, is an activity enjoyed by thousands of adults around the world.

metal detecting clubs club

Information and learning experiences of previous detecting trips can be gained from other members of the clubs.  These finds can be either very interesting. When joining a metal detecting club, you will gain access to organized events, treasure hunts, land leases, charity events, environmental clean-up projects and get to meet some great people.
I just joined a metal detector club and found something they do for fun, every week we share some of are finds which go to an annual award, Metal Detectorist of the Year.

I love to get out and metal detect -

Well after the last 3 months of metal detecting we have found lots of coins, 1863 bobwire, old 1890's shotgun shells,1890's Bullets and shells, a 1943 airplane machine gun rounds(SL 43 rounds) out by Boise Cit Oklahoma(the only city that was bombed during WW11) I heard they did practice bombing and war plane shooting o...


Metal Detecting Finds – November 2012-January 2013 ...

I usually post a batch of them after the local metal detecting club's meeting and Find of the Month contest, but we skipped Find of the Month during the month of December, so this past time, we competed with TWO months worth of stuff. Here's what I found: ... I don't know how to tell what year this is from, but some of the other club members, who are WAY more knowledgeable about military relics think it's from either WWII or the Korean War. I didn't know it was such a ...

Some metal detector members help to find lost metal objects...

Metal detector club members find woman's wedding ring

One can only imagine their relief when the pair found out that two members of the Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club - Garry Schnekenburger and Rick Pearce - actually found the ring, worth several thousand dollars, after it ...